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Making membership in GLI more valuable – that’s the goal for the Member Perks program.  GLI is working hard to add an ever-growing suite of discounts for members, by members, to help you lower the cost of doing business.  Here are answers to questions we’ve heard about the program that may be on your mind as well.


Does my company need to be a GLI member to use the Member Perks program?

To register for access to the Member Perks program, your company must be a member in good standing with Greater Louisville Inc.


Does it cost my business anything to use the Member Perks discounts?

No.  There are no additional charges beyond your GLI annual dues.


How do we sign up to take advantage of these discounts?

Go to the Start Now page and request more information on the programs for which you’d like more details, send it back to us and we’ll have the supplier representatives get back in touch with you promptly.  For some programs, you can also contact their sales representatives directly based on the contact information on each program description page.  Let them know that you want the special GLI Member Perks price.


How big does my company need to be to sign up for the GLI Member Perks program?

The Member Perks program is designed to be of particular value to companies with 1 to 100 employees, providing discounts typically available only to larger companies.  Companies with more than 100 employees can generally attain greater savings through cost reduction consulting programs designed by firms like Alliance Cost Containment, another GLI member. If your company is larger than 100 employees, feel free to contact Rudy Moeller at for more information.


Will there be other suppliers and expense categories available through Member Perks?

GLI will be working to regularly add more programs and discounts.  Please check this site from time to time to see what new options are available.


How can we offer discounts to other members of GLI if we want to join the program?

GLI will periodically add new programs, typically in batches to minimize the expense of website editing and reprinting of program brochures.  If you would like to offer the services of your company at a special discount, contact GLI Member Perks or at 502-625-0000.



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